Craft Mineral is among the members of UKAB

Craft Mineral is among the members of UKAB

We have amazing news!

CRAFT MINERAL LLC Mineral is now a member of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club​ Association (UCAB)!

Here's how UCAB introduced us on their website:
ℹ️ Craft Mineral is one of the leading suppliers of mineral fertilizers in Ukraine.
✅ UCAB asked the new member of the association how the challenges associated with the war affect the company's activities. 
Vadym Kulyk, Commercial Director of Craft Mineral, notes:
💬 "Complicated logistics is a deterrent to expanding fertilizer supplies to Ukraine."

🔶 Read more about the company's main activities and forecasts for the future development of the fertilizer market in Ukraine in the interview  📌 https://bit.ly/3N8ce82